It is with a sad & heavy heart that we will have to close the Kami Labs business.

We‘ve put our heart into building. Building for the community.

We are living in one of the most turbulent times of history between heavy wars in Europe and a massive financial/supply-chain crisis world wide, and unfortunately our company lost the race against it. We took heavy private risks and investment – and also lost.

After months of talking to investors that were not ready to invest in iota-based startups, when we launched our NFT sale, we sadly launched the day the whole crypto market took a nose-dive. As the ecosystem was shocked by the LUNA and Celsius disasters, the ripple effects that came after drastically influenced our financial planning and product roadmaps. We had to pivot and refocus in the middle of development cycles, lost resources, and as a knock on effect the efficiency of the development process.

In business some projects succeed, while the majority fail - it is unfortunate our company did not make it.

We deeply respect the community and projects who have got behind us and thank everyone for their continued support.

We failed, but we also achieved a lot with the little money we had, thanks to our amazing team. Once we have finalized a few organizational things, we will open up for anyone interested in carrying Volks further.

The good news: Inspyrd will be continuing to drive forward in a new form, with a few announcements to come from the project over the coming month or so.

We are so sorry and devastated that we couldn't make it, but we also need to be honest with the community about the situation we are in and that expectations need to be realistic in such a scenario.